Yoga Trapeze


"I’m finding it VERY useful. Having a twisted hip as diagnosed by the chiropractor, I’m finding it to help unwind and relieve lower back pain and left foot numbness. I also just like how easy it is to get certain areas that I can’t do so easily on the floor."

– Jim Werner (yoga student)

Experience the benefits of the Yoga Trapeze

  • Help ease back pain through spinal traction and strengthening the posterior chain 

  • Build strength 

  • Improve flexibility & balance

  • Improve posture

Who are Yoga Trapeze Lessons For?

  • Yoga beginners

  • Anyone that wants to create a healthy back

  • Anyone looking to transform their body's strength and flexibility

  • Anyone looking to bring balance to their body

Don't Do Yoga Trapeze if:

  • You are pregnant

  • Have high blood pressure or any cardio vascular disease

  • Herniated Discs

  • Hypertension

  • Glaucoma ‪| (650) 242-5962‬

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