Where There's a Problem, There's Opportunity | How to Change Your Life With Karma (Part 3/4)


My mom, she has the saying that she actually got from my grandfather, and it's “Every morning when you wake up, problems are already waiting for you. It's up to you whether you let it in or not.” So I just want you to keep that in the back of your mind, take a quick note of it and we’re going to sum it up towards the end of the video.

Law of Focus

One cannot direct attention beyond a single task. Most of us are guilty of this and it’s because we feel by multitasking, we are productive and we get a lot more done, which in some cases is true, but there's also reason why this law is karmic. When you have a very scattered brain, you make yourself a lot more vulnerable to negative thoughts. The reason for that is you are constantly stressing about getting every little thing done, and when you are spreading yourself so thin, you're more likely to make more mistakes, which causes a lot more stress on top of this stress that you're already feeling. Not only that, you’re not actually putting your attention towards the right things. And when you’re always having negative thoughts, constantly going into a very stressed mindset, it's very difficult to grow spiritually and grow positively. So, this can be very challenging for most of you, especially if you developed a very strong habit of multitasking and even a belief system that you know encourages and perpetuates multitasking.

It might be a little bit of a challenge for you to actually put this law into action, but what I would suggest is, take stock of all the goals that you have including the things that are your priorities, and focus on the important ones, the big ones, the main ones. Because when you start to focus in on those things, doing one thing at a time, maybe two things at a time, then your mind is occupied enough so that it's not focusing on all the little small lower-level negative emotions that creates anger and resentment, or even comes from those areas. You're too busy making moves and bringing your focus and on something.

One thing that you can practice in your daily life to help you create more focus is, meditation. Meditation is amazing for it, just two minutes if you're a beginner. Two minutes of meditation every day, where you close your eyes and you just focus on the quality and the sound, the length of your breath, for just two minutes. And maybe you can increase it the more you start to do it and the more challenging you want it to be. Another thing you can do too, is if you have a fitness or yoga practice, is just do balancing poses. Go through a series of balancing poses where you start off with just one, try to hold it for as long as you can, and then maybe you can transition into another balancing pose, hold that for as long as you can, and just practice that. It’s going to force you to have to focus on just one thing, and you're going to see amazing benefits from it. Having focus is essential for you to not only grow spiritually, but also advance in your career, and advance in the goals that you have for yourself in your life.

Law of Giving & Hospitality

This law talks about what you believe, versus what you actually do, and knowing yourself. You're probably wondering what does this have to do with giving and hospitality? Just like how the universe conspires to give you opportunities to get you closer to what you want, the universe also tests what you claim you believe, in order for you to get closer to the truth of the person that you actually are, so you can give and act from a genuine and authentic place.

It's very important that your actions actually reflect what you preach, because let's say that it gets on your nerves when people arrive late anytime, and you yourself are not a very punctual person. There is a huge disconnect there between what you actually say and what you actually do, what you expect from others versus what you expect from yourself, and anytime there's a disconnect, there is a blockage there. It's like if you're trying to cross a bridge, and a piece of the bridge is gone, how do you cross? You can’t.

When you practice what you preach, things start to change when you actually believe in this higher belief of yourself, and execute in order to act accordingly to that belief, then you also start to propel in where you are, whatever stage you are in. This is also a reason why some people are stuck in their lives, just like how I was saying in my last video. If you are not taking the lessons that life is sending you and actually putting it into action, then you know you repeat the same cycles and experiences over, and over again. Same thing when it comes to this, if your actions don't meet what you say, then you also get stuck in another cycle where you start to wonder why is nothing happening for me, I believe in this, I am a good person, etc, but nothing is changing for me. Well that's because what you say does not match with what you're actually thinking, it doesn't match with what you actually want.

That being said, that goes into the last law that we're going to talk about today...

Law of Change

History is going to keep on repeating itself until you finally do something different. We all have systems and thought patterns that create a situation in our minds that blocks us from all the things that we want to achieve. And like I said in the beginning of this video, problems are waiting for you the second you wake up, but so are opportunities for positive growth and change. If you are constantly looking for problems, focusing in on the problems, then what's going to be in your mind? The problem. You can’t expect a positive result to come from a negative mindset. Negative thoughts create negative actions, and bad karma follows along with you into your present, into your future, because you carry that same mindset with you. Like I said in my first video, karma is not about what you deserve, it's about what you are attracting. So, if you're going about your everyday life with that same negative mindset, you can't expect things to be different for you. You can't expect people to really give you all this abundance, you can't expect abundance to come to you, if you're constantly focusing on all the problems in your life, and blaming other people for the problems that are occurring in your life.

What's fantastic though, is that good karma is instantaneous, and it happens the second you take the lesson from your situation and turn it into something positive. So, shift your mindset, instead of focusing on the problem and all the crap that’s happening to you right now, focus on the lesson and what good you can gain from it. What can you create out of it that’s going to create more positivity in your life? If your husband cheated on you, what good can you get out of that? If you got fired from your job, what good can you get out of that? No matter how dire the situation is, there’s always something beautiful to be gained from it. And just like I said, one more reminder, problems are always waiting for you but so are opportunities, so are positive changes. It depends on you, and depends on whether or not you're going to see something as a problem or if you're just going to focus more on the better parts of life.


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