How to Argue With Your Partner the Healthy Way

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship, but it can serve as a fertile ground to foster positive growth and strength of your bond. The challenge comes when you and your partner both are fighting to be validated, understood, and ego get's in the way. When you're not actively working with your problem to solve the problem and are instead attacking and fighting over who is right, tensions rise, distrust is built, and false beliefs are fostered. All this can lead your relationship down a difficult path, and even lead to separation.

When you have 2 separate people who have their own perspectives, past traumas, personalities, and beliefs how do you manage the conflict in a way that is healthy, constructive, and doesn't lead you down the path of resentment and toxicity?

In this video, I offer some tips on how to do just that. Take a look and please share your thoughts!

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