How to Change Your Life with Karma (Part 1/4) | Exploring the 1st 3 Laws of Karma

“Hi everyone, it’s Claire here and I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. This video is part 1 in a 4 part series that I'm doing on the 12 Laws of Karma.

Karmic energy is in everything that we do. It's in our thoughts, it's in our feelings, our behavioral patterns and it's in our actions. Because it's so deeply infused in everything in our lives, it's a very powerful way for us to utilize and create more happiness and abundance. So, for this video, and the next 3 videos after this, I'm going to break down the 12 Laws of Karma to clear up any misconceptions, and give you some understanding as to what it is so you can figure out how to use it in your life to achieve the things that you want.

Karma is based on what your attract, NOT what you deserve.

#1: The Great Law

The first law is the Great Law also known as the Law of Cause and Effect. Now most people define karma by this law alone and so I'm not going to spend too much time on it, because we all know what it is: what goes around comes around; but what people often misunderstand about this law is that it's based on you behaving this way, therefore you deserve this to come back to you. It’s not at all based on what you deserve. It’s based on what you attract, and you can see this in everyday life. We all know somebody, and have gone through this ourselves, where you see good decent people getting the short end of the stick. It does not mean that they deserve what they got, it just means that there is something in there that they need to learn and resolve in order to go on to the next part of their life and attract better Karma.

The kind of energy and the amount of energy you put into something it's going to be the energy that comes back to you.

Let's say that you are in this time of your life where you're very unhappy. You know you're going through a lot of anger maybe you're even going through depression. The feeling that you have inside you is a lot of bottled up negative energy that is just kind of internalizing and churning and because that is what is in you, it's often what you producing outwardly. It goes out in the way you treat people. It continues with the way you develop your habits, and one of the ways that you get out of that is by practicing a lot of gratitude. None of those things will work if you don't genuinely foster that feeling of gratitude inside of your body and within your mind when it comes to karmic energy.

Whatever it is that you want in your life, embody that energy. If you want more success in your career, embody the energy that you need in order to get that. For example, let's say you want to become a speaker and you have a lot of social anxiety when it comes to speaking in front of people. The energy that you want to harness is the feeling of confidence even if you don't necessarily feel confident. Bring yourself back to a time when you did. We all have that time in our lives where we do feel a sense of confidence almost a sense of invincibility, and you harness that, and you bring that into your body and you hang on to it and by that it creates a new shift in your body that is very different than what you are used to. Because of that, the more you do it, the more karma is going to change for you, and it's going to create different opportunities that comes your way because of what you are attracting.

#2: Law of Creation

The universe is always listening, and conspiring to give you what you want.

You can't sit by and expect life to just give you whatever it is you want. You actually have to put forth the right actions in order to achieve it. The universe is always working towards giving you whatever it is that you want. If you are constantly receiving all these opportunities and chances from the universe to continue to propel towards whatever it is that you desire, but you ignore it all and you sit back instead because you're afraid of moving forward, then life is just going to keep on throwing lessons - harder lessons at you until you're forced to make a move.

Let's say you just started a business where you're working directly with clients and you need a way to get clients. Now one of the best ways to do that, aside from all your marketing efforts, is connecting with people and networking with people in your industry. Now let's say that you're kind of an introvert or this is your first time starting a business, and you're not really used to having to approach people in that kind of sense. What often happens in these scenarios is that you start to get infused with a lot of fear, and because of that fear, you start making excuses for yourself (watch my video on overcoming fear here). You start to procrastinate, you start to distract yourself by putting yourself in a state of denial, you put efforts in every other place in your business, other than in the one place that you probably need to, which is networking and connecting with other people.

What will happen is you're gonna put a lot of effort into your business, and you're also going to start to notice that you're not really getting very much in return, because of that that kind of distance between effort and results. You start to get really really frustrated to the point where you're maybe losing money, maybe your mental state is starting to take a hard hit because you're getting really discouraged, and that's gonna keep on happening until you finally pull the trigger and do the necessary things that you need to do in order to achieve the success that you want.

#3: Law of Humility

Just because you refuse to accept your current situation doesn't change the fact that it's your current situation.

All external factors are there to help serve you, to teach you, to help you accelerate in your life. By blaming everything around you for whatever is going wrong in your life, it does nothing but perpetuate this victim mindset that makes it harder for you to make the shifts that you need to make in order to get out of the circumstance that you are currently in. The fact of the matter is that you can't change what you can't first accept because if you're in constant denial, then you're rejecting the fact there's even a problem. And how do you fix something that's not even there?

The way you fix that is by looking inwards at yourself. For all this time, you're probably used to looking outside of yourself, seeing what in the circumstance is harming you, the people who are harming you, what other people are doing. Instead look inward look at yourself and see how you are potentially contributing to the circumstance that you are in. At the end of the day, we only have control over ourselves and nothing else. So, to take back your life, take control, and have mastery over your life, you first need to look at yourself and see what needs to change in order for you to get closer to what it is that you want.

So that's it for this video. We have three more videos coming up to finish up on the twelve laws of karma, so don't forget to Like and subscribe. Hit the notification button so that you don't miss the next video when it comes back. I'll talk to you later.“

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