Why Are Some People Flexible and Some Not?

All bodies are made differently. If you've been to the gym or to any fitness class, you immediately start to notice who are the ones with more flexibility, and who are the ones with more strength.

In this video, I explain why some people are naturally more flexible or naturally stronger than others, and why having a balance of both is more important than having one or the other. If you're more of a reader, read on after the line for all the details!

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When it comes to your natural flexibility and strength, there are 2 proteins in your body that plays a big role: Collagen and Elastin.

Collagen creates rigidity, and is the 3rd most abundant protein in your body, It's known as the “cellular glue” that gives your connective, fibrous, supportive tissues, and your skin its shape and keeps it strong. As you start to age, you produce less and less collagen and that’s what leads to things like wrinkles and bone deterioration.

Elastin is entirely the opposite. It’s not only 1000x more flexible than collagen, but it’s a protein that can stretch and return to its original shape. That’s why when you pull your skin, it just bounces back to where it was. You can find it in your skin, blood vessels, tendons, and your organs.

So, how does that explain why some are more flexible than others?

Basically, if you’re someone who naturally has more elastin in your body, you’ll be more flexible. And if you’re someone with more collagen in your body, you’ll be stronger.

These two proteins work together in order to ensure you body has proper mobility. If you were to have a body that’s all collagen and no elastin, you body would be like a brick wall, and the wrong impact can create cracks and even tear the whole wall down. If you were to have a body that’s all elastin and no collagen, then you would be like a limp noodle - very weak and your integrity is very easily compromised. When you have a functional and balanced relationship between strength and flexibility your body would be more like bamboo - strong but you bend with whatever circumstances you’re in without falling apart. So, you need a balance of both in order to move optimally, and be as comfortable as possible into old age.

I hope I was able to shed some light for you. Please, leave a comment below on anything else you would like me to discuss!

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