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This Valentine’s Day weekend was our first ever “LOVE YOUR BODY” yoga class. With all the noise of social media, self-judgement/criticism, I wanted to devote some time towards self-care instead - switching the mindset to a place of appreciation instead of deprecation. I hope with this practice, you will find ways you can be kinder to yourself, and see that your body is already beautiful in all its miraculous ways.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend or just want to incorporate some self-love into your own practice, here is what we did:


We first started the class off by focusing on the breath; connecting to our body’s most basic function/gift - creating and sustaining life.

Sit in a comfortable position, one hand on your heart, one over your belly. Breathe into your bottom hand, pushing it out with your breath until it can expand no more. Hold your breath for 4 seconds then open mouth exhale out ever bit of air you held. Second breath in, breathe into your bottom hand and your top hand until you can expand no more. Hold for another 4 seconds and open mouth exhale release, imagining your body relaxing more and more. Last breath, inhale into your bottom hand, your top hand, then take a few more sips of air, sending it through the top of your head into the sky. Hold for 4 seconds. Exhale, squeeze everything out, letting go of tension, and anything you won’t be needing in your practice.

In this time, allow your thoughts to clear and really feel the texture of every inhale, the release of every exhale. Enjoy the soft sound of your breath knowing you are alive and full.

Asana (Poses)

After using the breath to help connect us to our bodies and settle into our space, it’s time to move the body. This part is personal for everyone. In your own practice at home you can be active and choose very challenging poses, you can make it relaxing and restorative with the use of pillows and blankets, maybe make it a lazy yoga practice, you can also focus primarily on stretching.

What we did for this class was a middle ground between active and stretching; flowing through Sun Salutations, balancing poses, and twists that targets all parts of the body. The objective is to challenge the body’s strength and mobility, while releasing tension. It is only through the challenges where we find growth, where we find triumph, and often where we find gratitude.

As you go through each pose, really be in your body. Notice which parts of your body are working, what happens to your balance when your mind begins to wander, and where you are holding your breath and holding unnecessary tension. Through the points of intensity, be grateful for how strong, moldable, and adaptable your body is and can be. Through the moments of ease, soak in the goodness of the moment and enjoy being still.


After rising from our final resting pose, savasana, we closed the class with an 8 minute journaling session where we reflected over the ways we are hurtful to ourselves, and how we can change that to become more compassionate, kinder, and change our perception to that of enjoyment of what we have and not resentment of what we don’t.

What I’ve seen is it often starts with your internal narrative; the stories you tell yourself, what you choose to believe, how to talk with yourself. If you wrote down every mean thing you say to yourself in a day, what would that look like? And how does that affect your everyday life?


The last and final bit: meditation. Sit in a comfortable seated position, and bring your hands back to your heart and your belly. Close your eyes and come back to focusing on your breathe. Clear your thoughts and repeat to yourself 3 times:

I am whole

I am complete

I am growing

I am whole

I am complete

I am growing

I am whole

I am complete

I am growing

With every repeat of this mantra, feel yourself expand, feel your energy brighten. And that’s it!

The body works hard every day to keep you healthy and thriving, and Yoga is a reminder that you are so much more than just how you look and what beauty feature society is trending at the moment. You are an infinite being experiencing a life that is defined by you. You have the control to decide what your focus is, where you put your energy, so I empower you all to choose kindness, choose self-love and I promise your life will change.

The Gallery

Here’s some photos taken at the class. I’m so impressed by all the OG and new yogi’s that came out. It was so much fun for me to teach and get to know you all. Students like you are why I do what I do =).

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