Farting In Yoga Happens

If you’ve taken a few yoga classes, you’ve probably held back a fart or two - maybe even had a mortifying experience of accidentally letting one rip loud enough to rattle the window panes. Well, as a full-time yoga teacher and practitioner, what I can say is... it happens.

When I took the Dharma Wheel workshop at Studio Rincon earlier this year, learning the numerous ways the wheel can be used in everyday yoga practice was not the only eye opening part of the experience. Halfway through the class, someone let out an accidental… “poot.” That was the first rolling of a pebble that eventually turned into a rock slide.

What started off as an innocent toot led to a whole round of people passing gas that lasted until the end of class. And these were not your dainty little spews of gas attempting to sneak by undetected in their escape. No, these were obnoxious, honking, cutting through space and time, tearing apart dimensional barriers kinds of flatulence. It’s natural; natural as humans and naturally occurring in probably every public yoga class you’ll go to.

In yoga, you’re put into a lot of different positions that do many things like open your hips, stretch the front line of your body, and strengthen your back. Some of these poses like Prayer Twist or Eagle Pose also helps your body digest, reduce bloating, and... may or may not encourage you to release some gas. Yoga is designed to help you relieve tension, remove toxins, and encourage overall health.

What I’m trying to say is there’s no need to be embarrassed about letting one slip. I’m not saying get comfortable and go crazy, but if it happens you’re not the only one. Plus, everyone is too involved in their own practice to figure out who was it that let one go. So, let it go! Your embarrassment, I mean.

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