The Yoga Trapeze Has Come To The Bay Area! So... What Is It?

I am proud to announce that I’m adding the Yoga Trapeze to one of my offerings as your private yoga teacher!

Yoga Trapeze is the world’s #1 yoga sling and comes with 3-leveled handles that you would find in a TRX class. It's actually my preferred way to practice. The way it enhances and deepens the asanas really opens up your body and builds real strength in a way that you can't on a regular yoga mat. The feeling of accomplishment (and astonishment) is a wonderful added bonus.

The Trapeze is not only great for people who enjoy yoga - it's also common among athletes, dancers, fire fighters, and super friendly for beginners. If you've never worked out a day in your life, you can still do this.

Here are some of the great benefits of the Yoga Trapeze

Posterior Chain Strength

This is probably the most important of all the benefits, especially if you have back issues. Your posterior chain is made up of muscles along the backside of your body, which all work together to support a healthy back. The Yoga Trapeze will strengthen and balance these muscles, which improves the state of your back, adding more power and mobility to your everyday movements.


Passive stretching is the best way to accelerate your flexibility and balance out strength-building. The Yoga Trapeze amps up your flexibility practice by elevating and supporting you off the ground; using the power of gravity to help deepen your passive stretches. Something you can’t really do on a regular yoga mat.

Spinal Traction

Many of the inverted poses creates spinal traction by allowing your body to safely hang upside down, using the power of gravity to create space in your spine. This offers a great relief for those of you who have back pain and also improve the health of your spine

Core Strength

The core work you do on a mat is nowhere near the core work you do on the trapeze. The way the Trapeze is designed forces you to really use your core in nearly every pose - creating more balance in your muscles, and strong central support. The challenge is real, but hey... so are the abs.

Builds Grip Strength / Upper Body Strength

Often in our yoga practice, our grip strength is weak (we never use it!). The Yoga Trapeze really targets your ability to grab and hold onto things while developing your upper body strength; leading to healthier/stronger hands, wrist, elbows and shoulders.

If you’ve never heard of or seen the Yoga Trapeze, it may look intimidating. I promise you, it’s completely beginner friendly, and sessions are catered to work at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Even if you never worked out a day in your life, you can still do the Trapeze! We all start somewhere - all you have to do is start and you will be amazed at what your body is capable of.

If you’re in the California Bay Area and are interested in learning the Yoga Trapeze, I am offering a FREE 30 minute Discovery Class. It's first come first serve and there's only room in my December schedule for 3 students. So, email me at to reserve your spot!

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